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Promark leverages its direct relationships with world class technology partners to provide solutions that meet the most demanding needs of our customers. Promark supports its customers with Vendors specializing in Virtualization, Data Storage, and Hyper Converged Infrastructure practices.  As well as providing assistance with business continuance, data backup, de-duplication, disaster recovery, and data center virtualization applications and solutions.

Promark offers a wide variety of products from a broad range of Software and Hardware Manufacturers. The hardware products are solutions or components for both primary and secondary storage which include Hyper Converged offerings, Storage Area Networks (SAN), direct attached storage, backup disk and tape libraries and the related networking infrastructure with connectivity and protocols such as iSCSI, Fibre Channel, Ethernet, SAS, and Infiniband.  The software products consist of backup, recovery, storage virtualization and system monitoring solutions. 

We continually screen new manufacturers for inclusion of their products in our portfolio based on their features, quality, price, profit margins and warranties, as well as on current sales trends and sales coverage. Promark will help you expand your product offerings with innovative new technology solutions while a the same time enhancing you margin opportunities!

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