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Panasas is the performance scale-out NAS leader for unstructured data, driving industry and research innovation by accelerating workflows and simplifying data management. Panasas ActiveStor™ appliances leverage the patented PanFS™ storage operating system and DirectFlow™ protocol to deliver performance and reliability at scale from an appliance that is as easy to manage as it is fast to deploy. Panasas storage is optimized for the most demanding workloads in life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment, energy, government as well as education environments, and has been deployed in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Panasas Accelerate – Earned a 5-Star Ranking for CRN’s 2017 Partner Program List for 2017




Panasas ActiveStor®


Performance Scale-out NAS

ActiveStor is a fully integrated clustered NAS solution that incorporates flash and SATA storage nodes, a distributed performance-optimized file system, and client protocols to accelerate time-to-results for the most demanding high-performance workloads in energy, government, life sciences, manufacturing, media and entertainment and university environments.

Whether advancing genomic research using next-gen sequencing technology, rendering visual effects for an animated film, designing advanced aircraft with complex CAE/FEA models, or optimizing the extraction of oil and gas deposits through seismic processing-based analysis, ActiveStor customers know their data is accessible, secure, and easily managed.


High-density flash drives and 10 terabyte (TB) HGST® Ultrastar® He10 helium-based hard drives deliver superior unstructured sequential file and mixed-workload performance with rapid access to large and small files alike.



Scalability increases to more than 45 petabytes (PB) in a single namespace and performance ramps up to 360 gigabytes per second (GB/s) and 2.6M IOPS.


Parallel File System with Flexible, Multi-Protocol Access

PanFS® is the operating environment for ActiveStor. PanFS enables direct parallel access to a high-performance pool of storage under a single global namespace across all systems and data. Functions performed include easy central management, linear scalability, data reliability, automatic load balancing, enterprise-grade data protection, high availability, and robust multiprotocol support for the most demanding industry and research applications.


Working within PanFS is the DirectFlow® data access protocol which allows Linux and MacOS compute clients to access Panasas storage directly and in parallel, eliminating hotspots while delivering higher performance than what can be achieved with industry standard protocols.


PanFS also supports open scalable access for compute clients that require standard NFS or SMB protocol access. Clients working with these protocols experience equivalent access with DirectFlow clients, meaning that all users have cache-coherent I/O regardless of protocol used by the client. No matter what protocols are employed, Panasas storage seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure to accelerate return on investment and delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility to optimize the utilization of the ActiveStor platform.


Data Protection

Panasas storage actually increases storage reliability and availability with scale. ActiveStor uses using modern software erasure-coding methods, alongside bundled enterprise data services such as snapshots, user, and group quotas, and SiteSync® data replication to offer exceptional data protection. In addition, the PanFS file system delivers fast rebuild times to minimize data risk and remains available even after simultaneous triple disk failures that would have taken down lesser systems


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