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MinerEye identifies, classifies and tracks all organizational data automatically, including unstructured and dark data; enabling effective deployment of security protocols and adherence to government regulation (such as DLP, breach protection, and access control) in the most complex cloud environments.

Customers include large financial institutions, manufacturers ensuring IP protection, companies conducting cloud migration, and companies wishing to fully adhere to GDPR.

Typical use cases:

  • Secured cloud migration
  • Secure collaboration on the cloud
  • Deploying the Right to Be Forgotten
  • Ensuring data segregation is maintained
  • Ensuring sensitive data protection


  • Fully automatic –data classification is a no brainer
  • Runs extremely fast on very large distributed data sets
  • Works at the byte level for unparalleled file recognition
  • Automatic rule making saves time and labor
  • Minimal false positives and negatives


Data Tracker

DataTracker™ uses artificial intelligence and machine  learning technologies to identify, classify and track any data type on every file form, wherever the data resides. Working extremely fast and on very large data sets, DataTracker automates rule making, saving security personnel time, effort and errors.

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