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Company Overview:

Pivot3 brings simplicity and savings to the enterprise datacenter by integrating storage, compute and networking on commodity hardware under an easy to use single-pane-of-glass. Our next-generation hyperconverged platforms are natively designed with policy-based Quality of Service and NVMe flash acceleration to enable IT to run multiple, mixed workloads on a single infrastructure while guaranteeing service delivery to the applications that power business results. With over 2,000 customers in 54 countries, and over 18,000 hyperconverged deployments in healthcare, government, transportation, security, entertainment, education, gaming, retail and more, Pivot3 is defining the future of autonomous cloud computing with smarter infrastructure solutions.


Pivot3: Smarter Infrastructure for the Software-Defined Data Center from Pivot3 on Vimeo.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure Models

Pivot3 - Product - (vSTAC     ).

A successful implementation of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solutions largely depends on its underlying architecture and whether it can deliver the right combination of performance, scale and efficiency. Pivot3’s architecture is unique, and uses a patented form of erasure coding to distribute data across the entire system to ensure maximum performance, high availability, and storage efficiency are always optimal across the entire system, even during hardware failure events. This aggregated resource distribution for virtual storage and compute provides increased performance and efficiency for all virtual machines, industry-leading usable storage capacity, and scales out linearly with each added node. With the release of Acuity, Pivot3’s latest software platform, customers now have access to the industry’s first priority-aware HCI solution that delivers breakthrough performance through NVMe PCIe flash and the management simplicity of an advanced Quality of Service engine to run multiple enterprise workloads on a single infrastructure.

PCIe Flash Arrays

Pivot3 provides innovative all-flash and hybrid flash arrays that deliver predictable performance and better economics through an innovative architecture that leverages PCIe flash and advanced storage Quality of Service (QoS).

Unlike other arrays that treat all data the same, Pivot3’s dynamic storage QoS governs performance targets, I/O prioritization and data placement, allowing you to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Pivot3 flash arrays deliver the predictable application performance your end-users require, along with industry-leading performance, density and management simplicity

.Pivot3 - Product - (PCIe Flash Array).

Pivot3 Surveillance Series

Pivot3 - (Product - Surveillance Series )

Pivot3’s hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) offers software-defined SAN storage and server infrastructure in cost-effective, off-the-shelf server hardware. Purpose-built for demanding, data-intensive video surveillance workloads, Pivot3 provides the highest levels of performance, resiliency and availability so critical video surveillance data is stored without loss, protect-ed from any failures and always available when and where it is needed most.

vSTAC Surveillance Series nodes deliver enterprise-class compute and storage infrastructure for challenging video surveillance workloads. Nodes are simple to configure, easy to manage and deploy and scale to multi-petabyte capacities. Storage and compute resources are pooled across an array to deliver unequaled performance and resiliency to meet the needs of the most demanding surveillance environments

Product - Pivot3 Surveillance Series


Watch Videos & Download .PDFs

  • Pivot3: Optimized for Performance (WATCH VIDEO) : Pivot3 delivers the smartest, most complete set of dynamic hyper-converged solutions to efficiently and reliably support all digital business. Through a series of intelligent optimizations, our architecture outperforms all other hyper-converged infrastructures available in the market.
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure - Purpose-Built for Video Surveillance (WATCH VIDEO) : From large scale implementations to smaller environments with multiple locations, Pivot3 surveillance solutions deliver the performance you need and the confidence that critical data is stored without loss, protected from failures and always available to provide insight throughout your entire organization. With data stored and protected from millions of cameras in 53 countries, thousands of global enterprises rely on Pivot3 every day to help them achieve their video surveillance objectives.
  • Three Critical Capabilities for the Modern Virtual Infrastructure (WATCH VIDEO): Don’t let the old ways of doing storage hold you back. Storage for the modern data center needs to address a fundamental shift for how virtual machines are managed. At the heart of the storage from Modern Virtual Infrastructure are key capabilities, including Storage QoS, PCIe Flash, and Virtual Volumes. Join George Wagner from Pivot3 as he examines these critical capabilities and what it means for customers.
  • Comparative Analysis — Erasure Coding Vs. Replication (.PDF)Not all hyperconvergence is created equal. This comparative analysis highlights the significant differences between solutions based on erasure coding and those that are not and how those differences translate to benefits for your organization.
  • Whitepaper – Pivot3’s Flash Architecture (.PDF): Why the gap between what customers want (managing data according to business value) vs. doing nothing? Until now, this functionality has been financially out of reach for most customers. Storage systems were never designed to help customers prioritize data based on their unique priorities and the value of their data. Solving these challenges was one of the founding principles around Pivot3’s PCIe Flash Array architecture that is described in this paper.
  • Download: Pivot3 (Partner Program Overview).pdf

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