Terms and Conditions

New and current resellers need to know the Terms and Conditions of using and promoting our schedule. Please click the following link to get the latest Promark Technology GSA Schedule Terms and Conditions. 

If you have any questions about this process please reach out to Promark Technology at 800.634.0255 and a Promark Representative will be happy to help you!




Promark GSA Terms and Conditions

Additional GSA Supplement Pricelist and Terms:

Promark GSA Terms Attachment 05-2024 Part A

Promark GSA Terms Attachment 05-2024 Part B

Comtrade EULA and HYCU Software License and Support Terms

Acronis GSA EULA and Third Party Licenses

AWS GSA Pricefile-GovCloud(US)

AWS GSA Pricefile – GovCloud(US-East)

AWS GSA Pricefile – GovCloud(US-East NoVA)

AWS GSA Pricefile – GovCloud(US-East Ohio)

AWS GSA Pricefile – GovCloud(US-West LA)

AWS GSA Pricefile – GovCloud(US-West NoCal)

AWS GSA Pricefile – GovCloud(US-West Oregon)

Juniper GSA Authorized Partners

Juniper GSA Pricefile