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Appgate is a secure access company that provides cybersecurity solutions for people, devices and systems based on the principles of Zero Trust security.  Through a set of differentiated cloud and hybrid security products, Appgate enables enterprises to easily and effectively shield against cyber threats. Appgate serves 3,960 customers across more than 30 countries

We live in an age of cyberwarfare, yet trust is assumed, and the introduction of hybrid IT has killed the perimeter. Traditional perimeter security is static, nonresponsive and centralized. It operates on a misplaced sense of trust and grants over-entitled access to entire corporate networks. Traditional VPNs, so-called next-generation firewalls, and NACs are simply not fit for purpose in a perimeter-less world.

Appgate SDP secures the network with a Software-Defined Perimeter—a network security model that dynamically creates one-to-one network connections between the user and the resources they access. Appgate SDP delivers the industry’s only identity-centric, network-enforced perimeter.

Common security challenges addressed by Appgate SDP:

  • Secure Remote Access (VPN Replacement) to Reduce Overprivileged Access and Third-Party Risk – Authenticate the identity rather than the IP address, providing a secure segment of one to only authorized users.
  • Secure Access to Critical Workloads in Public Clouds – Extend across all heterogenous environments, providing a unified secure access solution and simplifying network security.
  • Speed Up Security. Unleash DevOps. Provide secure and automated multi-tunnel access to developers, removing VPN hurdles and unleashing productivity.
  • Extend Zero Trust to Unmanaged and IoT Devices – Remove risks associated with unmanaged or connected IoT devices with Appgate SDP Connector.

Appgate SDP is a recognized industry leader:

  • Forrester, the leading analyst firm for Zero Trust, recognized Appgate as a leader in their Zero Trust eXtended ecosystem wave.
  • Gartner lists Appgate SDP as having the broadest feature set for Software Defined Perimeters and shows excellent reviews from actual customers on their Gartner Peer Insights site.
  • Appgate SDP is the first and only SDP to become Common Criteria It was put through a rigorous third-party evaluation against an internationally agreed upon set of IT standards, recognized by over 28 countries.
  • Appgate SDP has received the AWS Advanced Technology Partner Security Competency, which is the highest and most difficult competency to attain and is one of only a handful of security products to receive this.

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Appgate SDP

Appgate Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) is a powerful Zero Trust network security platform that delivers the industry’s most comprehensive SDP solution, capable of securing any user, any application, on any platform, in any location. Appgate Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP) is a new approach to security, a network security model that creates one-to-one network connections between the user and the resources they access.

Customers are selecting Appgate SDP to:

  • Replace VPN to address TCP/IP security flaws
  • Solve Overprivileged Access and Third-Party Risk by securely controlling access & visibility of resources
  • Improve adoption of Cloud & Hybrid environments with increased user security controls
  • Simplify & increase access for remote users
  • Replace failing NAC’s & achieve segmentation at a user level
  • Address global audit & compliance requirements with per-user level reporting
  • Automate and improve DevOps security controls

Appgate SDP Connector

Extend Zero Trust to Unmanaged and IoT Devices

Appgate's SDP Connector leverages the core principles of Zero Trust to secure unmanaged devices, restricting lateral movement and reducing an organization’s attack surface. It provides granular control of how and when devices connect to a network, as well as which network resources they can connect to. The Connector is a part of Appgate SDP, a unified security platform that enforces consistent access policies across user devices, servers, BYOD and IoT devices to shore up any vulnerabilities across all network touch points.


  • Protect complex, distributed resources
  • Reduce attack surface by limiting overprivileged device access
  • Enforce access control policies across users, servers, BYOD and IoT devices
  • Reduce operational complexity with simple device management
  • Simple unified policy framework for all devices
  • Decrease audit scope to lower compliance costs

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