Company Overview:

Tegile is helping organizations eliminate storage silos, simplify storage management, and reduce costs by consolidating all of their workloads onto a single flash platform. Built on a fast, flexible architecture, Tegile IntelliFlash Arrays seamlessly support different grades of storage media, intelligently managing the placement of data to maximize performance and capacity. Deploy an all-flash or hybrid configuration today. As your needs change over time, scale up economically by simply adding a mixture of flash and disk to any configuration. You can also replicate between all-flash and hybrid arrays for affordable disaster recovery. Native multi-protocol support, inline data reduction, built-in data protection, and flexible management capabilities make Tegile arrays ideal for your entire organization.

Tegile is a privately held corporation venture-backed by August Capital, Capricorn Investment Group, Cross Creek Advisors, Pine River Capital Management, and Meritech Capital Partners with strategic investments from Western Digital and SanDisk.

 Accelerate Your Business with Fast, Flexabile and Economical Flash Storage.





Tegile IntelliFlash All-Flash Arrays

 High Performance. Low Latency.

Tegile all-flash arrays make it easy and affordable to make the transition to a flash-centric data center. By delivering maximum performance, high density, and compelling economics, the T Series is ideal for latency-sensitive, business-critical workloads such as online transaction processing, real-time analytics, decision support, and data warehousing. The T Series portfolio enables you to start small and scale in capacity as your business grows. Start with the T4500 or T4600 all-flash array and deliver a turbo-boost to your legacy storage while deferring equipment replacement and move up to the T4800 when your density and capacity requirements grow.

  • 5x data reduction delivers a little over $1/GB**
  • 10 Petabyte/drive endurance
  • At 55 effective terabytes per rack unit, the T4800 goes well beyond traditional disk-based array density

Tegile IntelliFlash Hybrid Arrays

 Performance of Flash at the Price of Disk.

Tegile offers an extensive line of hybrid arrays as part of the IntelliFlash portfolio.  Tegile hybrid storage arrays leverage the performance of flash, the density of hard disks and the rich features of IntelliFlash™ operating system to deliver a compelling storage platform that accelerates a wide variety of workloads in the enterprise.

Fully redundant with active/active controllers, these arrays are built for enterprise datacenters with resilience, data availability and data protection in mind. With Tegile hybrid arrays, you no longer have to compromise between performance, capacity and cost for accelerating and protecting your enterprise applications.

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