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DriveScale is leading the charge in bringing hyperscale computing capabilities to mainstream enterprises. It’s composable data center architecture transforms rigid data centers into flexible and responsive scale-out deployments. Using DriveScale, data center administrators can deploy independent pools of commodity compute and storage resources, automatically discover available assets and combine and recombine these resources as needed. The solution is provided via a set of on-premises and SaaS tools that coordinate between multiple levels of infrastructure. With DriveScale, companies can more easily support Hadoop deployments of any size as well as other modern application workloads. For more information, visit



The DriveScale Solution

DriveScale’s Software Composable Infrastructure (SCI) is a next generation data center architecture designed to handle the scale and dynamic requirements of modern workloads while providing the agility of the public cloud at a fraction of the cost. It achieves this by disaggregating compute and storage resources into separate pools, letting IT managers easily combine them in any ratio to compose optimally sized servers and clusters, on demand and under software control.

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