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Tintri puts the agility of public cloud in your data center.

Tintri offers an enterprise cloud platform built on a public-cloud like architecture. Tintri combines cloud management software, web services and a range of all-flash storage systems to offer organizations public cloud agility and automation with the control and economics only available in their data center. Organizations use the Tintri platform to build agile development environments for cloud native applications and to run mission critical enterprise applications. Tintri enables users to guarantee the performance of their applications, automate common IT tasks to reduce operating expenses, troubleshoot across their infrastructure, and predict an organization’s needs to scale—the underpinnings of a modern data center. That’s why leading cloud service providers and enterprises, including Comcast, Chevron, NASA, Toyota, United Healthcare and 20% of the Fortune 100, trust Tintri with enterprise cloud.

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Tintri VMstore- T5000 All-Flash series

The Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series offers you an unmatched combination of performance and visibility for your most demanding applications.


The T5000 separates itself from the all-flash pack because it’s VM-aware. That means you never manage LUNs and volumes, only what matters to your organization—virtual machines. Take every storage action (clone, replicate, snapshot, manage QoS and analyze) at the VM level and keep storage simple.  If you want to see across your entire infrastructure, and see into real-time performance, then take a closer look at the T5000 series.


Tintri VMstore- T800 Hybrid-Flash series

Best Balance of Storage Performance and Value Powered by VM-aware Architecture.


The Tintri VMstore T800 Hybrid-Flash series aligns your storage with your business needs—putting the focus on your virtualized applications. Tintri’s VM-aware storage speeds performance 6x to save you time, and packs storage 10x more densely to save you money. The T800 Hybrid-Flash series is ideally suited to your multiple workloads and hypervisors, large (and growing) VDI deployment, and/or your private cloud. Take every storage action at the VM-level—manage, replicate, automate and analyze any (or every) VM to keep storage simple. Tintri’s all-flash and hybrid-flash arrays share a common OS and analytics so you can balance workloads and manage your entire footprint from a single pane of glass.


Tintri Global Center

Tintri Global Center (TGC) is an intelligent control center that enables up to 32 VMstores to seamlessly function as one.


Manage up to 32 Tintri All-flash and Hybrid-flash VMstores and 100,000 VMs across hypervisors and geographies from a single pane of glass.

Tintri ReplicateVM

High-Performance Per-VM Replication for Data Protection and Disaster Recovery


Tintri ReplicateVM puts you three clicks away from replicating any VM. Save (1) time, (2) WAN usage (up to 95%) and (3) sanity.

Tintri SecureVM

Real-time Data Protection with No Impact on Application Performance


Tintri SecureVM encrypts all the data on your VMstore with zero impact on capacity or performance, and rotates keys right from your Tintri dashboard

Tintri SyncVM

Accelerate Application Development & Recovery


Tintri SyncVM makes storage time travel possible. Move backwards and forwards through snapshots of VMs, restore individual files, and update hundreds of child VMs from a single master VM in seconds.


Tintri All-Flash Arrays: See Storage Differently in this video

Guarantee the performance for ALL of your VMs with Tintri all-flash arrays. Set per-VM quality of service, diagnose and treat noisy neighbor VMs, and automatically balance your VMs across your data center. Tintri: see storage differently.



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